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Beyond the hype: Why data warehouse project fails and what is the resolution

In today’s fiercely competitive markets, companies are always in urgent need of current information. That is why data has become a strategic asset for any organization. The ability to access meaningful information in a timely and effective manner is a critical factor for competitive advantage. According to a report by IDC, it is estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be generated daily worldwide by 2025.

More than ever, organizations are adopting modern-day data management approaches i.e., data lakes, data marts, and connected lake houses. Data warehouses, either on-prem or cloud, have become a necessity and are not an option. Setup involves thousands of dollars in upfront, software, and hardware expenses. Despite the hours and cash poured in, most data warehouse projects fail to achieve their targets.

This white paper entails:

· An overview of expensive mistakes that impact the entire data landscape
· A holistic synopsis of data management strategies
· Primary reasons why the data warehouse initiative fails
· Best practices for data warehouse (DWH) implementation

It is now imperative to become a data-driven organization so you must pivot wisely and indulge in the right practices for data warehouse implementation. Contact Systems Limited experts and become a data-centric organization.

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