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Advanced analytics

analytics & AI to
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Advanced analytics for better performance

With large volumes of data coming in from diverse sources, it's important to make the best use of data and extract actionable insights that can aid in making informed decisions. Our data analytics services allow clients to utilize advance analytics and predictive ML & AI-focused capabilities across numerous industry verticals.

Advanced analytics for better performance
Our Offerings

Data analytics services for growth

Harness the potential of data analytics to fuel your business growth, gather actionable insights and gain competitive advantage. 

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  • Supply chain forecasting

    Optimize your supply chain, enhance decision-making, and leverage real-time market information to gain a competitive edge.
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) strategy

    Identify AI opportunities that align with your company goals, and provide end-to-end implementation support in establishing an AI CoE.
  • Industrial IoT and sensors

    Extract valuable insights from complex raw sensor data to create actionable metrics and gather predictive insights for applications such as machine maintenance, production production plan optimization, patient health measurement, and more.
  • Deep-learning based information retrieval

    Utilize both internal and publicly available text data, identify market needs, and gain a competitive advantage through accelerated innovation.
  • MLOps for model deployment

    Ensure end-to-end management of your model’s lifecycle after deployment, by leveraging our automation framework for increased efficiency in MLOps.
  • Optimization and scheduling

    Improve cost-efficiency and leverage advanced mathematical programming and simulations for optimized operational plans and decisions.

Data analytics solutions
that transform


Assessing the level of maturity, identifying areas where AI & ML can be leveraged to add value, and developing a strategy for AI adoption.


Providing pre-trained AI models as APIs and pre- built and customizable AI models that allow you to train unique models with your data.

Managed services

Offering MLOps automation and support, automation services and data collection, security, model development, and IT support.

Customized AI development

Providing intelligent process apps for scenarios where a pre-built AI solution is inadequate or unavailable.

Industries we serve

Embracing AI to drive business innovation

Are you looking to decrease operating expenses to increase profitability? Enhance customer satisfaction? Generate new revenue streams through AI-powered insights? Each business has different goals but every business can be facilitated through our AI and data analytics services.

Banking sector

Banking sector

Risk management

AI algorithms to optimize portfolio risks, rate credit risk, analyze contracts, and conduct insurance underwriting.


AI-powered solutions for intelligent receivable reconciliation, KYC analysis, and loan documentation.

Product, marketing, sales, and customer service

Empowerment through churn prediction, creating customer service bots, developing pricing and promotion strategies, and revenue forecasting.

Supply chain & retail

Supply chain & retail

Forecasting and optimization

Merchandise and category planning, demand forecasting, pricing optimization, manufacturing production planning, and material arrangement.


Ad spend optimization, customer decision tree mapping, and product feature mining for new launches.

Consumer & market strategy

Assortment planning and optimization, incentive mining, churn analysis, and CLTV prediction.

Biopharma & healthcare

Biopharma & healthcare

Drug trials and development

Wearable sensors, AI-driven patient selection, medical image analysis and AI-based data harmonization across trials.

Research & drug discovery

Drug target mining, drug candidate generation, and mining disease mechanisms.

Commercial & drug launch

Patient engagement planning, predictive pricing, and physician/HCP segmentation.

Patient intelligence and drug monitoring

AI can improve medication adherence, recognize adverse events, and monitor compliance in healthcare.

Partnering with the best and setting the foundation for your data-driven journey

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The promise of advanced connectivity by 5G

Data analytics is crucial to realize the full value of 5th generation communication landscape.

Factoring in change by revolutionizing the manufacturing industry through data analytics

Ultimate game-changer and manufacturing analytics is a catalyst for industry revolution 4.0

Analyzing the role of analytics in reverse logistics

Modern supply chains can simplify reverse logistics operations with advanced data analytics and generate greater business value

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