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Take an edge further with cloud

We stay ahead in cloud application development through continuous adaptation to modern trends. Our certified teams use innovative methodologies to develop high-performing solutions for all major platforms and devices. Our cloud applications are cost-efficient, resilient, and easy to maintain.

Take an edge further with cloud
Our Offerings

Efficient cloud application development services

We help organizations improve functionality, enhance customer experience, and reduce maintenance costs. Our team of experts continuously innovates and updates applications to support higher workloads and increase ROI.

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  • Modernization assessment

    We create modernization roadmap after determining the best strategy for you.
  • Lift-and-Shift (IaaS)

    Fast and cost-effective migration of your legacy application resources to your preferred cloud platform.
  • Cloud-native modernization (PaaS)

    Use containers and microservices architecture to update your legacy apps to modern cloud infrastructure, reducing costs and improving agility.
  • Application migration

    Enhance the efficiency, agility, and user experience of legacy applications by migrating them to modern technology and open-source frameworks on-premise.

Realize business value through application integration

Our cloud application integration experts streamline operations for modern businesses by providing application integration services. We link digital systems to enable automatic sharing of relevant information, saving time and accelerating time to market.

Cross-platform expertise

We suggest the optimal integration platform and technology stack for your business needs, without limitations to any particular platform.

Modern skills and methods

We use modern integration techniques to build efficient and easy-to-maintain data exchange systems that optimize your IT investments.

Continuous improvement

We monitor and assess integration workloads, detect requirement changes, and proactively suggest performance optimizations.

The promise of application integration

  • Boost efficiency
    Boost efficiency
  • Reduce costs
    Reduce costs
  • Reduce costs
    Ensure accuracy
  • Monetize information exchange
    Monetize information exchange

Unleashing the power of integration for your organization

Point-to-Point integration

Connect pairs of applications directly.

Service-oriented architecture

Share information efficiently across many formats and systems


Core services that move information payloads reliably.

Offline integration

Batch transfers are ideal for low workload or poor connectivity situations.

Enterprise service bus & microservices

Agile integration services that can be scaled and updated independently.

Open APIs

Secure, manageable, and monetizable technology to integrate with external parties.

Being one of the top cloud services providers, we build on a network of innovators and market leaders to help our clients generate value.

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Huawei awards Systems MEA Systems with the Huawei Cloud Partner Award in the System Integrator of the Year category

We got awarded the Huawei Cloud Partner Award under the System Integrator of the Year category.

5 myths about cloud computing

Eradicating confusion around the effective use of cloud computing

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