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The cornerstone of a digital enterprise

Gain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced world of innovation, and meet business objectives effectively through advanced data platforms. We help businesses tackle issues related to data fragmentation, silos, scalability, and inefficient warehousing. With our data modernization solutions, organizations can unify, mobilize, govern, understand their data, and create a single source of truth.

The cornerstone of a digital enterprise
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Experience the data value through our data modernization services.

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  • Current state and gap analysis

    Evaluate current data platform and identify gaps for improvement,
  • Data platform strategy

    Roadmap for design, implementation, and execution strategies for new data platform.
  • Data sourcing

    Ingest data from different sources such as on-premise and cloud, using various connectors.
  • Centralized data storage

    Establish a cost-effective method to retain historical data while ensuring intraday data updates.
  • Data transformations & business rules

    Maintain data consistency and quality to establish a reliable source of information for all business users.
  • Industry-standard data warehouse model

    Industry-standard models that are readily available to fulfill both operational and analytical requirements
  • Self-service analytical capabilities and BI reporting

    Self-service business intelligence capabilities that empower business users to implement analytics use cases with minimal reliance on data engineers.
  • Data science use cases

    Enable data scientists to use AI/ML algorithms for predictive analytics and uncovering hidden patterns in data.
  • Data managed services

    Ensure that operations run smoothly, and that data is reliable and available in a timely manner.

Key components of data modernization

Data Virtualization

Utilize advanced integration capabilities to access data without replication. Analyze unified data in real-time, and feed data to downstream applications and BI reporting tools.

Data Quality

Establish data quality metrics, criteria and assessment rules for data completeness, reliability and consistency. Automate testing based on user-defined rules..

Data Governance

Create robust governance policies that encompass people, processes, and technologies to guarantee data reliability, completeness, accountability, and compliance.

Data Fabric

Leverage the combination of ML and knowledge graphs to integrate enterprise data and maximize business value. Easy access to quality data for analytics with intelligent integration and data catalogs, engineering, and governance.

Data Mesh

Implement a distributed data architecture and decentralized data management that transfers data responsibility to respective domains. Enabling secure, easy, and quick data access.

Data Lakehouse

Merge data lakes and data warehouses, providing inexpensive data storage, minimized data transfer, and access updated data, as well as unified data management and governance.

Metadata Management

Consolidate all metadata in one location. Enhance data quality, boost operational efficiency by reducing duplication, and leverage data to make informed decisions.

Our modern data platform strategy

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Our Modern Data Platform strategy

  • Organizational data (Business activities)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Third-Party data sources
  • Macroeconomic data
  • Social media
  • Omnichannel customer touchpoints
Data Sources
  • Raw Data
    Raw Data
  • Data Quality
    Data Quality
  • Meta Data
    Meta Data
  • Curated Data
    Curated Data
  • Information
Data Consumption
Data Quality
Data Quality
Data Governance
Data Governance
Data Security
Data Security
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Data Consumption

  • Operational & strategic reporting
  • Data-as-a-Service
  • Data science use cases for advance analytics & insights
  • Data used by other downstream applications

The differentiating factors

  • Enhance business flexibility
    Enhance business flexibility
  • Accelerate analytics to reduce time-to-market
    Accelerate analytics to reduce time-to-market
  • Accelerate analytics to reduce time-to-market
    Boost operational productivity
  • Improve decision-making capabilities
    Improve decision-making capabilities

Partnering with the best and setting the foundation for your data-driven journey.

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