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UBL goes Live on Temenos to Power Digital Corporate Lending with Systems Limited

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May 10, 2023

Corporate loan origination on Temenos digital banking platform will allow the bank to offer elevated customer experience and drive revenue growth with corporate clients.  

United Bank Limited (UBL), one of the leading banks in Pakistan serving 11 million customers, has successfully gone live with Corporate Lending on Temenos digital banking platform as part of a comprehensive digital transformation of the bank’s retail, SME and corporate banking for domestic and international customers on the Temenos platform.   

The Temenos Corporate Loan Origination solution, implemented with Systems Limited will help UBL to meet the growing demand for digital customer experiences and win business with corporate clients. UBL aims to gain a competitive edge in the challenging lending market, where global economic conditions and higher interest rates have hindered demand. This strategic partnership is expected to empower UBL to attract and serve corporate clients more effectively, strengthening its position in the market.  

Temenos’ solution streamlines the process of loan initiation, credit policy, credit approval management, credit documentation management, collateral management, limit monitoring, risk rating, and post-approval activities and transactions. 

Integrating these advanced banking capabilities with Temenos digital banking platform will enable to UBL provide a smooth and seamless digital experience while empowering the UBL’s lending teams to have access to relevant customer data when required to make swift, consistent, and real-time credit decisions.  

The go-live extends loan origination to five segments: large conventional banking corporates and group companies, Islamic banking corporates, Agri enterprises, Financial Institutions, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

A pioneer in digital banking, UBL collaborates with Temenos and Systems Limited to further leverage the Temenos platform to offer an integrated, digital experience to all corporate and retail customers, encapsulating the complete customer lifecycle from origination and onboarding up to servicing.  

Offering composable banking services – built on microservices and accessible via APIs – the Temenos platform will allow UBL to rapidly develop new products with minimal risk and cost, bringing real-time benefits to its customers.  

Congratulations to UBL on this successful go live. This well-executed implementation will transform the lending experience for UBL’s corporate customers. UBL has a clear vision for the future of banking with digital-first customer experiences. We look forward to building on this success across the bank’s domestic and international business.

Corporate lending 

William Moroney
Managing Director, MEA, Temenos

We are delighted to go live with corporate lending on Temenos digital banking platform. The solution enables us to elevate the digital experience for corporate customers and achieve operational excellence, helping us to increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth. We look forward to building on this success and our close partnership with Temenos and Systems Limited

Corporate lending 


We are proud to celebrate this important milestone with UBL in Pakistan. Going live with Temenos’ loan origination solution is a great leap forward in UBL’s digital banking transformation that will give the bank an edge in the corporate market. It also sets a high bar as we continue to partner with them to leverage the composable banking capabilities of the Temenos platform.

Corporate lending 

Global Industries GM Banking and Financial Services, Systems Limited

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