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Systems MEA partners with Microsoft to host a webinar on loss prevention on store operations

A live webinar on Dynamics 365's fraud protection and loss prevention features was co-hosted by Systems MEA and Microsoft. The discussion focused on the unique characteristics that can make shops more effective, efficient, and flexible in the post-COVID environment.

Our expert panellists were Muhammad Aurangzeb, Digital Transformation Consultant, and Ahsan Tufail, Senior Managing Consultant, while Microsoft was represented by Khurram Zaki, Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

The meeting began with Khurram Zaki delivering an outline of how Dynamics 365 integrates within Microsoft's line-up of business technology products. He described how Microsoft Cloud offers a comprehensive service that enables users to maximize both their professional and personal productivity. He also emphasized how Dynamics 365 serves as the hub of the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, which also includes Azure, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform. It does this by providing the full complement of intelligent, integrated, and extensible apps that cover the entire spectrum of business processes. Dynamics 365 offers more than one solution. According to him, it is a collection of application modules that cover various business procedures that a client may use.

Muhammad Aurangzeb took control of the webinar and discussed the possibilities of the Fraud Protection module as well as how it helps clients and partners to conduct business in an efficient and quick manner. Beginning with the recent explosion in social and mobile eCommerce that the GCC region has seen, he went on to describe how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer behaviour and how this has further fueled this growth. He emphasized that this trend is also gradually permeating the B2B market while also sharing pertinent statistics.

According to Aurangzeb, until 2030, B2B eCommerce is anticipated to increase twice as quickly as B2C. However, the growth of digital payment ecosystems is causing a rise in cybercrime and raising the possibility of more sophisticated fraudulent operations, which are costing organizations billions of dollars. The usage of sophisticated technological solutions is required by this alone. The fraud protection features of Dynamics 365 assist merchants reduce fraud and abuse and the associated costs with adaptive AI that continually adapts to the evolving trends, he briefly stated, using a variety of instances.

After a thought-provoking portion, Ahsan Tufail was asked to give a thorough explanation of how the platform's adaptable AI technology extracts and assesses critical statistics from the system to generate insightful information. Additionally, real-world success stories with Dynamics 365 Fraud

Protection made it easier for various businesses to spot fraud and loss issues. A Q&A session followed the webinar's conclusion.

Companies continue to spend vast sums of money trying to reduce the risk of payment fraud as it rises. Modern retailers are well-equipped with AI-powered capabilities of corporate solutions such as Dynamics 365 to guard against such malpractices and guarantee the provision of safe, risk-free, and seamless client experiences.