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Systems Limited Takes the Spotlight as Gold Sponsor at UBL Digital Mobile Commerce 2022, Exhibiting Offerings

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June 02, 2022

Systems Limited took part in the 15th UBL Digital Mobile Commerce 2022 as a Gold Sponsor this year. The conference's central theme centred on digital banking and illuminated the expansion of lending and digital services within Pakistan. This event served as a valuable platform for participants to engage with the banking sector, along with Fintechs, startups, and E-commerce service providers, fostering meaningful connections within the industry. 

UBL Digital Mobile Commerce

Prominent thought leaders within the banking sector delivered enlightening panel discussions and addresses, shedding light on pivotal subjects including digital and Islamic finance, digital payments, and the transformative impact of fintech on commerce. Engaging conversations were initiated regarding the state bank's initiative for Digital Banks. This initiative involves 20 prominent institutions vying to secure one of the 5 coveted digital bank licenses, generating compelling dialogue within the industry. 

Ammara Masood, Global Industries GM BFS, Systems Limited  was a distinguished panelist among fellow banking professionals in a panel discussion titled "Digital Banks: The Dawn of a New Era?" During this session, she contributed her insightful perspectives on various emerging models in the banking sector, including Banking as a Service, Payment as a Service, and the concept of banks transitioning into technology-driven companies to effectively address the evolving requirements of customers. 

UBL Digital Mobile Commerce

Moreover, the discussion spotlighted prevailing trends and objectives within the banking industry. These encompassed expediting financial inclusion efforts, transitioning away from paper-based banking, and fostering collaborations with Systems Limited to enhance overall customer experiences. 

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