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Software Group has entered into a significant partnership agreement with Systems Limited.

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April 18, 2018

Software Group, a renowned global technology firm specializing in delivery channel and integration solutions for financial service providers, is pleased to announce its partnership with National Data Consultant (Systems Limited.), a subsidiary of Systems Limited and an award-winning IT services provider serving banks and financial institutions.  

This partnership aligns with Software Group's strategy to extend its presence in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and contributes to enriching Systems Limited. extensive service offerings. Systems Limited. will assume a pivotal role as a business development and implementation partner for Software Group, facilitating the company's entry into promising local markets. The initial focus of this collaboration will be in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where both companies are already witnessing substantial interest from financial institutions. Furthermore, there is potential for this partnership to expand across the broader MENA and Asia Pacific regions. 

Systems Limited. possesses extensive domain knowledge and experience across all segments of the financial services industry. When this is coupled with Software Group's substantial expertise in integrations and alternative delivery channels, the synergy between these two companies will empower financial organizations, especially banks, branchless banks, and microfinance institutions, to accelerate their digitalization strategies. This collaboration aims to enhance their operational efficiency and competitiveness in the market. 

We are very glad to partner with Systems Limited. in developing our operations in the MENA region. The company is well recognized in the financial sector and the partnership will be of strategic importance for Software Group on the local markets. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperation with Systems Limited, and together supporting financial institutions in their digitization journey.

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Kalin Radev
CEO-Software Group

Systems Limited is thrilled to partner with Software Group to contribute to the digitization and expanded reach of financial institutions, particularly banks. The digital finance sector in this region is both nascent and dynamic, continuously innovating to tackle its unique challenges. We are confident that the combination of Systems Limited. robust local presence and market expertise, along with Software Group's innovative solutions, can truly have a positive impact. We eagerly anticipate the development of this strategic and enduring partnership, which will further expand our current client base.

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