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FDC to achieve higher levels of business agility with IBM BPM implementation

June 22, 2020

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The Federal Demographic Council (FDC), a top global provider of technological services, has chosen to use our IBM Business Process Management system in order to increase business agility and productivity.

Earlier this year, we entered a strategic partnership that called for the use of the IBM Business Process Management, IBM Integration Bus, IBM Operational Decision Manager, and IBM suite of products to automate business-critical processes.

Governmental organizations like FDC are constantly looking for methods to improve their ability to make well-informed business decisions and be ready to swiftly, effectively, and efficiently adjust to shifting market conditions. We are prepared to give FDC the ability to enhance and simplify its business operations to suit the constantly evolving company needs to spur growth and gain a stronger competitive advantage. Systems MEA has years of experience deploying IBM technologies.

"FDC is excited to collaborate with Systems and make use of their technological know-how. This cooperation has provided us with fresh opportunities to more effectively address shifting business requirements and adjust to them in order to foster organizational growth. We are thrilled to be realizing our long-term organizational ambition to convert our business processes into ones that are more connected and collaborative," added Mohammad Al Madhani, FDC, with the introduction of IBM BPM.