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Bank of Khyber Undergoes Transformation onto the Temenos Core and Digital Banking Platform

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January 12, 2021

Leveraging Temenos technology, the Bank of Khyber strategically advances its objectives, enhancing market presence and fostering sustainable growth through streamlined banking operations and decreased operational expenditures. 

Bank of Khyber ("BoK"), a prominent financial institution in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, boasting 175 branches, has achieved a successful integration of cutting-edge solutions. This includes the Temenos Transact next-generation core banking system, the Temenos Infinity digital banking platform, along with Financial Crime Mitigation and Analytics modules. This significant implementation was executed in collaboration with Systems Limited, a subsidiary of Systems Limited and Temenos' Middle East implementation partner located in Pakistan. 


Temenos' technology empowers the bank to offer a diverse range of retail, SME, and corporate banking products, spanning accounts, time deposits, and loans for both Islamic and conventional banking needs. With Temenos' agile and fully integrated architecture, the Bank of Khyber gains the agility to swiftly introduce new functionalities and services. Leveraging Systems Limited Pakistan's market expertise ensures compliance with local regulations and best practices. The implementation of Temenos' digital banking platform aligns seamlessly with Bank of Khyber's strategic goals of enhancing market share and fostering sustainable growth by optimizing banking operations and reducing operational expenses. Furthermore, Temenos' open API technology equips the Bank of Khyber to deliver digital experiences to its valued customers. 


For its strategic endeavours to expedite the digital transformation journey, the Bank of Khyber opted for Temenos and Systems Limited as its collaborative partners. Temenos and Systems Limited's proficiency in the Pakistan Model Bank strategy brings forth pre-configured, localized functionalities, and optimal practices, minimizing the necessity for customization and expediting the delivery timeline. 

In close collaboration, Temenos partner Systems Limited closely collaborated with Bank of Khyber to achieve a hybrid onsite/remote implementation, offering expert support and guidance. This ensured a seamless implementation and successful launch for the bank, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The integration of Temenos' core and digital platforms necessitated the assimilation of Bank of Khyber's existing systems. Following a comprehensive migration process and extensive functional testing on the new system, the implementation was executed within the stipulated timeframe. Opting for a co-existence strategy, the bank initiated the migration process by transitioning the initial 20 branches during the go-live phase. The migration for the remaining branches is slated for completion within the first half of the upcoming year. 


Ihsan Ullah Ihsan 

Managing Director, The Bank of Khyber 

We are delighted to have joined hands with Temenos / Systems Limited for the Digitalization of bank of Khyber. Temenos has a global reputation for providing robust, innovative financial software solutions and has an extensive presence in all over the world. This implementation will provide the leap forward we need to enhance our market share and deliver better services and products for our customers in the 21st century. Our partner Systems Limited who also helped us to tailor the product to the specific requirements of our bank. The roll-out had been so well prepared beforehand that we were able to execute it flawlessly. I would also thank and appreciate my colleagues, staff and especially the IT team for their dedication to working around the clock to complete the implementation with professionalism and excellence. 


Azfar Latif 

CIO of Bank of Khyber 

We are proud that in less than 15 months with Global pandemic restrictions, the Bank went live. We have demonstrated that commitment to reliable technology partners like Systems Limited can overcome any challenge that comes along the way be it like COVID-19. We could not have achieved a go-live without the commitment and professionalism of the Bank Management team and Technical Resources. Everyone knows that a core banking upgrade is always a challenge, especially in a distributed environment, but we were confident of ourselves and Systems Limited who carried it out seamlessly. 

Ammara Masood

General Manager BFS

Collaborating with the Bank of Khyber fills us with immense pride. BOK stands as a remarkable example of a thriving public-private partnership, and now, with innovation at the forefront, it is poised to provide its customers with hyper-personalized experiences. The bank's team and leadership not only grasp the potential of technology but also recognize the significance of embracing optimal methodologies and cutting-edge advancements. Serving as their partner in this pivotal digital transformation is truly gratifying, and we remain committed to aiding the bank in achieving even greater milestones on this transformative journey. 

Jean-Paul Mergeai 

Managing Director – Middle-East & Africa, Temenos 

Congratulations to the Bank of Khyber for its Temenos go-live with Systems Limited. Temenos has a strong presence in the Middle East and a track record of success in delivering digital banking transformation for banks in the region. We are delighted BOK has selected our platform and are proud to support them as it seeks to leverage Temenos’ open and API-first technology to deliver world-class digital experiences for its customers and achieve a market-leading cost-income ratio to drive sustainable growth and market share. 

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