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Bank of the Future Forum 2018 redefines the banking vision in the digital age

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November 14, 2018


Systems Limited, a prominent IT firm, partnered with Temenos Group AG, the renowned banking software company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, to co-host the 'Bank of the Future Forum 2018' at the Marriott Hotel in Karachi. This forum brought together banks, regulatory bodies, solution providers, international Fintech companies, and industry professionals. Its aim was to facilitate the exchange of best practices and strategies among participants to redefine the vision of banking in the digital era. 

Initiated by Systems Limited and Temenos eight years prior, the Bank of the Future Forum has consistently delivered value to Pakistan's leading financial institutions across various banking sectors. This year, the event saw the participation of more than 150 senior banking delegates and leaders, representing over 22 banks, all engaging in insightful discussions.  

Represented in this forum were five international Fintechs, NetGuardians (Fraud Management), Deon Digital (Blockchain), HID Global (Security and Risk) and Atoma Technology (Automated Testing and Release Solutions). 

“Once again, I am honored to host our Bank of the Future Forum 2018 with Systems Limited in Karachi. It is indeed a great opportunity to greet Temenos’ existing Pakistani clients and our prospects. We have been committed to this market with Systems Limited since the year 2000 and have continuously invested in certifying Temenos Transact expert resources. We are also excited to introduce many new products which will be demonstrated by a team of experts who came to Karachi specifically for this occasion. I am also very grateful to Systems Limited who helped us introduce our technology to Pakistan and have consistently and successfully delivered value to the growing community of our clients here and across the Middle East.” 

Jean-Paul Mergeai, Managing Director Temenos Middle East & Africa 

“We are delighted to announce the participation of such a notable group of industry leaders and experts in our 9th annual event.” 

Behram Ahmed, Chairman-NdcTech 

“The rapid expansion of this forum reflects the banking community and industry professionals’ growing interest in financial technology. It’s a clear signal that technology’s critical role in transforming financial services is being recognized in Pakistan. The mindshare and products that Temenos and its Marketplace providers showcased were transformational.” 

Ammara Masood,  Global Industries GM BFS, Systems Limited  

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