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Aspire – Beyond the Ordinary by Systems Limited sets new benchmarks for emerging tech

  • November 21, 2023

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November 21, 2023

Generative AI

Systems Limited closes this year with an unparalleled display of emerging technology with its Aspire Roadshow – in collaboration with Microsoft – in Karachi and Lahore. Attended by senior professionals across industries, the event set the bar high for the new year as it unfolded emerging technologies like Generative AI and Metaverse with practical demonstrations of how they are applied to turn the tide with digital excellence.

The event took place with Sarah Irfan and Rafe Sajid from the marketing team kicking off in grand fashion by welcoming the guests and setting the stage for an exhibition of innovation and technology prowess led by industry experts and thought leaders. 

The welcome note from Systems Limited was delivered by Mairaj Yousuf – General Manager Pakistan in Karachi and Muhammad Amin - SVP, Head of Cloud Services in Lahore, shedding light on the growing interest in cloud adoption in Pakistan and how the focus areas for businesses are shifting. He also elaborated on Systems Limited’s partnership with Microsoft and how it is changing the cloud technology market in Pakistan altogether, opening it up for potential opportunities and better prospects. 

Moving forward, keynote speeches on behalf of Microsoft Pakistan were presented by Jibran Jamshed – Education Sector Lead & Principal Officer in Karachi and Saira Asad - Customer Success Account Manager in Lahore, who presented actionable insights and foresights into Microsoft’s Copilot technology and how it provides immense value in the customer journey at each touchpoint. Explaining further the goldmine of economic opportunities AI has for businesses, both confirmed: “AI is the greatest commercial opportunity of today, accounting for up to 14% boost in global GDP.” 

Up next was Dr Tariq Khan - VP Data Science at Systems Limited, who shared in detail how Large Language Models (LLMs) work and how they build the basis for Generative AI, particularly Microsoft Copilot and other intelligent enterprise solutions. He stated, “While there is an influx of data in the industry at the moment, one thing is for certain that Generative AI is here to stay and for all the right reasons.”

The in-person event featured a technology showcase with Usman ur Rehman - VP Cloud App Development & Maintenance at Systems Limited presenting the case for AI-driven software development. While delving into the initial groundwork being laid for the AI disruption he quoted, “As per The American Defense Department in 2015, a computer program was able to consume more data than a human being consumes in an entire life,” and “We should be very clear about what’s coming in the future and prepare ourselves for that”. Usman’s session also featured technical demonstrations on ‘AI for software development’ where he mentioned how intelligent platforms like ChatGPT, and other Generative AI models can cut costs for businesses on an organizational level.   

Proceeding with the event agenda, Muhammad Naveed- Solution Architect & Presales Lead at Systems Limited, took center stage with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot where he described the AI transformation roadmap Microsoft is taking for its cloud-based platforms to build the world’s first AI Copilot integrating both ERP and CRM applications. He stated, “There is a global phenomenon about Generative AI. Microsoft makes our lives easier by turning it up a notch with business automation on the fly. Copilot is here to do more in less time, and you can see an industry shift leading to more responsive market environments.”

Shahbaz Sarwar - Azure Solution Specialist at Microsoft Pakistan addressed the audience on “Building your own Copilot using Azure OpenAI’. With live demos, he showcased how organizations can unlock the full potential of their data.

Last but not least was Asif Bilgrami, VP Emerging Technologies at Systems Limited, who explored a rather unchartered territory for many – the Metaverse. He listed why the Metaverse is the new big thing with its boundless, immersive, and economical potential. He also shared why businesses should prepare for Metaverse, given its capabilities to enable 24x7 operations, faster learning, and alternative channels for enhancing organizational collaboration. He concluded his demonstration with a live demo presenting virtual spaces (Riftspace) created by the Systems Limited team.

Aspire concluded with an interactive networking session where technology experts convened to explore possibilities of collaboration.

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