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Ammara Masood Recognized as a Finalist at the Global Banking Tech Awards for Two Consecutive Years.

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October 21, 2022

Ammara Masood, Global Industries GM BFS, Systems Limited, a previous recipient of the "Woman in Technology" Award at the Banking Tech Awards 2021, is once more honoured as a finalist for the forthcoming Banking Tech Awards 2022. 

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Ammara Masood, a visionary leader, has made a profound impact on the IT industry through her business acumen and expertise. With a career spanning three decades and extensive experience across global markets on different continents, she has demonstrated remarkable leadership.  

She has been nominated as a finalist for both the Woman in Technology Award and Tech Leadership Award at the forthcoming Banking Tech Awards 2022, standing alongside other esteemed visionaries from the industry. 

These awards aim to honour an exceptional leader for their remarkable leadership, inspiring contributions, and positive influence on the broader banking and financial services industry. Furthermore, these accolades will acknowledge the pivotal role of these individuals in formulating and implementing a distinctive technology strategy that supports their organization's key business objectives, surpassing expectations and going the extra mile in their endeavours. 

We take immense pride in announcing this significant achievement of Ammara Masood and express heartfelt gratitude for her numerous contributions in propelling Systems Limited to become one of the fastest-growing consulting companies globally. Her unwavering work ethic and professionalism serve as a true inspiration for young, ambitious women aspiring to shatter barriers and carve a path in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as IT. 

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