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Partnership with Qaumi Cloud to accelerate local cloud initiatives

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April 15, 2022

Systems Limited and QCloud enter into a channel partnership, where the emerging IaaS and PaaS cloud service provider will act as a principal entity as part of the business agreement. Systems Limited and QCloud will collaborate to expand cloud market reach across all verticals and create better prospects for cloud-based products, services, and technologies across Pakistan.   

QCloud is Pakistan’s first-ever internationally collaborated public cloud service provider hosted in Tier 3 certified data centers across Pakistan providing enterprise-grade IaaS and PaaS services and digital cloud marketplace.  Qcloud is well-equipped to bring best-in-class cloud services and ensure operational excellence for businesses.  

Contributing to their initiative of a digital Pakistan, QCloud will assist organizations, both in the private and public sector, with their cloud computing needs with added benefits of regulatory compliance and state-of-the-art foolproof security solutions supported by iVolve Technologies. 

Khurram Shehzad, Country Sales Lead QCloud, shared his thoughts on the partnership, “With Systems Limited as our strategic partner, we’re ready to enable digital acceleration in Pakistan by helping enterprises of all kinds – from startups, SMEs, and large enterprises – operate more efficiently, collaborate much effectively, and connect better with their customers. QCloud is more for less to everyone with the flexibility customer wishes.”  

Head of Digital Infrastructure at Systems Limited, Muhammad Ilyas, elaborated further “Cloud computing is the future. Our partnership with QCloud will set a new precedent for locally manufactured cloud marketplaces. With QCloud, we are assured to play a part in revolutionizing the digital landscape in Pakistan.”  

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