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The age of analytics – Systems Limited and IBM co-hosted “Drive Business Value using Advanced Analytics”

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December 20, 2021

Thursday, October 14, 2021 – Systems Limited, in collaboration with IBM, hosted an event titled “Driving Business Value using Advanced Analytics” at Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi. The event focuses on the prevalent use of advanced data analytics across multiple industry verticals, with a key focus on the banking and financial sector. Experts from Systems Limited and IBM, leveraging their experience, talked about IBM Cognos Analytics, a well-integrated intelligence suite that equips businesses with a complete toolset for analytics, monitoring, and reporting of crucial business parameters.  

Muhammad Mairaj, Head of Business Development and Global Partner Ecosystem Leader at Systems Limited, started the event with his keynote speech. Speaking on the digital revolution and the significance of data, he expressed, “Looking back, we witness a significant change in digital transformation. From process automation to customer journey across various touchpoints, a lot has transformed. But what remains is data, and we are sitting on a gold mine; from the banking sector to every other industry, we utilize data for meaningful decision-making.”  

He further explained how users can map their data journeys into a modified model and can leverage data science for data maturity cycle as well. “With a proper understanding of the source of data and its multiple correlations, businesses can exercise applications of intelligent models, which can help check the accuracy of the results and lead to improved data accumulation,” he said.  

Habib Ahmad, Headof Data Analyticsand AI, then shared his thoughts on how data is a utility and how it enables analysts to focus on any business area and build strategy to make future-ready decisions. He stated, “The first step is to identify your data analytics needs and nominate the owner of the data. Businesses need to be aware of all economic, social, and competitive data sources.” He emphasized building a flexible data ecosystem that will enable seamless data onboarding.  

Joining in from IBM was Jamal Ashraf Khan, Data and AI Technical Sales Specialist. He gave a technical presentation of IBM Cognos and shared its intelligent features and benefits with the audience. After briefly introducing analytics, he highlighted different business verticals, their analytics needs, and the skills required to efficiently derive insights from the data. He shared a long and rich history of innovation that has led to the birth of Cognos 11.2 (AI-infused). Cognos Analytics has governance and security capability, which is lacking in most of the BI tools.  

While demonstrating the IBM Cognos Analytics and highlighting its capabilities in regards to the banking and financial sector, Chaudhry Sohail, Head of Data Science at Systems Limited, said, “Any intelligent data platform should be able to build a complete journey and offer actionable insights for performance management, eventually to drive business value.” 

He underlined that IBM Cognos Analytics has multiple capabilities, including trends forecast of various business personas, 80/20 suppression, exception handling, etc. These capabilities were demonstrated through interactive dashboards, which showcased an overall performance of the banking personnel, 360-degree customer view, sentiment analytics, etc. After the demonstration, the speakers engaged in an insightful Q&A session with the audience, which was followed by a networking session. 

Systems Limited is a proud IBM Platinum Business Partner; the company always makes an effort to hold valuable discussions on cutting-edge technologies that act as a change driver and have value in realizing the vision of complete digital transformation.

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