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Systems Limited and IBM Co-Host Live Webinar “RPA: Expand Your Automation Footprint”

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July 29, 2020

Tuesday, 29th July 2020 – Systems Limited, in collaboration with IBM, hosted the “RPA: Expand Your Automation Footprint” live webinar. The event focused on getting a better understanding of how robotic process automation (RPA) can leverage software robots to take care of highly repetitive employee tasks while knowledge workers can spend their valuable time in more important and creative problem-solving and customer-centric work.

RPA can empower businesses across industries to boost efficiency, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage by delivering highly accurate, scalable and rapid execution of time-consuming and repetitive business tasks and processes.

Attended by business executives from prominent Pakistani companies, the webinar began with an in-depth keynote presentation by Rao Hamid, General Manager of Domestic Operations, Systems Limited where he talked about the company’s proven track record of successful RPA implementations for leading companies in the telecommunications, banking, and fashion retail industries to name a few. He further highlighted the benefits this technology brings to enterprises in terms of quick returns on investment, immediately realized advantages, and many more. Rao Hamid also addressed the scepticism prevailing in the market with regard to the software robots replacing humans at work. According to Rao Hamid, RPA has in fact helped improve the job market by allowing workers to spend more time on adding value to their businesses where it matters the most. Moreover, RPA-related job openings have opened new avenues of opportunities for the human workforce.

The presentation was followed by a session with Paul Savage, Principal Consultant, Integration Services, Systems Limited where he explained how RPA has entered a new era by augmenting machine learning, document understanding, natural language processing and process analytics capabilities. Dubbed as ‘Hyperautomation’, this new generation of process automation has unlocked tremendous value for companies by making way for a new type of workforce: the digital workforce. Paul Savage then presented a live demo of RPA bots in action.

Asim Noorani, Hybrid Cloud Technical Sales Lead at IBM, then explained how the technology giant’s cutting-edge RPA platform benefits from the advancements in artificial intelligence to enable the digital workforce to be more sophisticated and capable than ever before. This has allowed the human workforce to become more productive, and is redefining who performs what tasks within the organization.

The webinar concluded with a live Q&A session where the experts took and answered questions from the attendees.

The RPA market has shown remarkable growth over the past few years recording software revenues of US$846 million in 2018, making it the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market according to Gartner, Inc. Forrester Research predicts the global RPA services market to hit US$2.9 billion in 2021, and US$12 billion by 2023.

While the global RPA footprint continues to expand at a rapid pace, Pakistan is still catching up to the large-scale adoption of the technology. Leading firms in multiple industries are realizing the potential of RPA and have shown keen interest in automating their business processes. Systems Limited has been at the forefront of bringing state-of-the-art automation to business processes of leading organizations in Pakistan’s banking, telecommunications, and retail industries, increasing the overall efficiency levels to as high as 400%.

Please contact us today for a fine-grained understanding of your use case and value realization on how IBM RPA can get you the perceived benefits.

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