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Studio 77 | Systems Limited opens doors to a new approach to design

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July 09, 2021

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 – Systems Limited has reimagined its creative workplace as Studio 77. With the ever-evolving businesses needs and technology, there is a prevalent need for creative spaces where employees can get away from the traditional office settings and monotonous routines to enable human-centric experiences for customers. Embracing this philosophy, Systems Limited has unveiled its design studio – Studio 77 – with a new look and feel at its Lahore campus.

The launch event was attended by the senior management of the company’s clientele, esteemed figures of Pakistan’s IT sector, and big names from the art and design community. COO at Systems Limited, Asif Akram, welcomed the guests, and while explaining the thought process behind Studio 77, he shared, “We’ve seen a recent surge in the growth of workplaces with creative spaces. With Studio 77, we aim to introduce a creative atmosphere where our driven and motivated team has the right tools and technology at its disposal to bring its breakthrough ideas to fruition.”

“What you see today is the result of multiple brainstorming sessions, meticulous planning, and tireless commitment by our team to make sure that every nook and corner of Studio 77 screams innovation and creativity – something that Systems has become synonymous with,” he further said.

Badar Khushnood, the co-founder of Bramerz and Fishery, applauded Systems for embracing this novel human-centric approach to design and the introduction of cross-functional team structure. “The need for a user-driven perspective in Pakistan was imminent, and Systems Limited capitalized on this approach. It’s about leveraging this approach and using it to enable a culture that focuses on problem-solving through impactful collaboration,” he said.

Khurram Safdar, Head of Customer Experience and Design, gave an overview of how human-centric design can humanize technology and said, “We need to work together and use all the technological innovations at our disposal to deliver human-centred experiences to our clients. Studio 77 is a space where we make impactful decisions while keeping humans at the centre of everything we create. With Studio 77, we’re bringing our creative ethos of collaborative ideation, constant innovation, and rapid implementation to the world.”

The esteemed attendees endorsed the philosophy behind Studio 77, shared their insights during the networking session, and participated in various design-themed activities.

Studio 77 promises to foster creativity, practice inclusivity, and breed a culture where employees can think freely and innovation knows no bounds. From marketing intelligence, to copywriting, and social media and content, Studio 77 caters to multiple faucets of UX and design.

Systems Limited always has a constant itch for innovation and improvement. The company’s reimagined approach towards design and technology is a testament to the hard work and progressive vision geared towards the betterment of the digital landscape of Pakistan.

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