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Data Migration

Secure & Real time data migration for seamless banking transformation

Solving data migrations challenges like a pro

Data migration plays a key role in the overall success of platform transformation in any financial institution. With our comprehensive data migration services, we empower banks to transition their critical data efficiently and seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and secure shift to the new platform. Our expertise in data migration minimizes disruption, reduces the risk of data loss, and enables financial institutions to focus on their core operations while we handle the intricate process of transferring valuable information.

Solving data migrations challenges like a pro

What we do

Experience seamless cutover through our expert Data migration services

  • Digital transformation migration

    Transitioning banks to modern digital platforms, enhancing online services, and streamlining processes by efficiently moving customer data and transaction history.
  • Application migration

    Efficiently migrating software applications, such as core banking systems, and their associated data to new environments while safeguarding data integrity.
  • ERP migration and consolidation

    We offer comprehensive support for banks looking to seamlessly transition to the latest ERP version while consolidating multiple systems and ensuring secure data delivery.
  • Moving to the cloud

    Our experts can help banks to migrate data and applications to cloud environments for scalability, cost-efficiency, and improved disaster recovery

Our meticulous methodology for Data Migration

Our holistic Data Migration methodology is a universal approach with clearly defined tasks & responsibilities, covering all aspects of your data migration journey. 

Our meticulous methodology for Data Migration

Accelerating data migration with our best practices and proven tools

Our thorough and secure approach ensures that data is protected, and its integrity is maintained

Proper pre-migration planning

Data cleansing before migration

Data cleansing before migration

Functional reconciliation and data mapping

Functional reconciliation and data mapping

Proactive maintenance to minimize turnaround time

Proactive maintenance to minimize turnaround time

Reusable documentation of migration methodology

Plan migration rollback in case of migration failure

Plan migration rollback in case of migration failure

Why choose us?

Our data migration experts help banks successfully move their data to better navigate the digital landscape and create strategic offerings for their customers.

Proven Track record

46+ years of experience of successfully delivering data migration projects

Certified Temenos partner

Temenos Certified Managed Migration partner

Worldwide operations

Global presence and multi-shore delivery capabilities

World-class approach

Reusable methodologies and accelerators for automated data migration

Team of certified experts

Migration certified professionals with deep expertise and on field experience

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