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What is DevOps and Why Do You Need It?

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November 19, 2018

Many new software development methodologies promise to improve business performance. DevOps is among the few that have actually succeeded in driving change. This innovative approach to software development has been gaining immense popularity for its ability to break down silos by automating infrastructure and workflows and continuously measuring application performance.

So what exactly is DevOps, and how is it different from existing business practices?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a leading software engineering trend comprising several key practices that streamline work processes by bringing development and operations teams together. It has made software operations increasingly agile by eliminating friction from the deployment process. The DevOps model enables teams to efficiently build code, run automated tests, rapidly deploy builds, and make them ready to use.

Why you need DevOps now

Today’s business environment is very dynamic, forcing modern businesses to become more concerned with agility and innovation instead of stability and efficiency. Cloud-integrated DevOps is a direct response to businesses’ emerging need for agility. It enables businesses to quickly respond to market changes by shortening work cycles, increasing the frequency of deliveries, and adopting an attitude of continual experimentation.

According to the 2017 State of DevOps Report, companies that have been practising DevOps have experienced a 22% reduction in time spent on unplanned work and rework, a 50% reduction in time spent on remediating security issues, and 24x faster recovery from failures.

Embracing DevOps improves collaboration between your development and operations teams and creates a stable, reliable, and effective working environment, which results in several benefits for businesses:

High-speed delivery

The DevOps model increases your teams’ productivity and enables your company to innovate for customers faster, respond to changing markets better, and drive business results more efficiently.

Improved quality

DevOps enables early identification of quality concerns, reduces defects throughout the lifecycle by 30%, and ensures the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes by employing practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Highly secure and operational

DevOps enables you to manage your development processes at scale, efficiently, consistently, and with reduced risk. It uses automated compliance policies and tools that allow your company to maintain control and manage regulatory compliance.

Capture more market share

By adopting the DevOps approach, your company can reduce time to market by as much as 50% by streamlining software delivery.

Implementing DevOps in your organization is a highly worthwhile objective, but it is important to develop a complete roadmap to ensure that the transition is completed efficiently with minimal disruption. To learn more about key considerations while adopting DevOps, please get in touch with Systems.