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Digital Transformation Imperative for Pakistan’s Public Sector

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July 29, 2019

Digital Transformation and e-governance are the need of the hour for “Naya Pakistan”. Gone are the days when governments perceived information technology as a supporting function. In today’s rapidly changing environment, emerging technologies have taken centre stage as to how governments are serving their citizens.

Government officials responsible for creating and executing IT strategy need to be mindful of the fact that digital transformation is more than a buzzword. It means new, innovative ways of working and thinking out of the box to create value for citizens at digital touchpoints. In addition, creating websites, putting forms online, and developing mobile applications do not help you with transforming digitally. The government needs to keep in mind how it can add value for its citizens and provide transparency through innovation and digital transformation.

As the current government has taken concrete steps towards cutting maximum expenditure, lack of funds is another challenge for the public sector as they take on key initiatives in the IT sector. Given the current situation, I believe the lack of funding will not change soon; we need to be creative and leverage what we have and try to achieve more with less.

How Systems can work with the public sector to meet its digital transformation goals

With over 40 years of experience working with organizations globally and over 3,500 employees worldwide, Systems can work as a trusted technology partner to help the public sector at all levels, from federal to local governments, to become more effective and efficient in servicing its citizens.

As a leading homegrown global technology company, Systems has a technology-agnostic workforce, the required team strength, and long-standing relationships with customers and partners across Pakistan. We are the only company with a track record of collaborating with the Pakistan government on large IT transformation initiatives.

Systems’ highly skilled technology-agnostic human capital with specialized expertise allows for quality delivery to our partners to meet their digital transformation goals.

Systems’ global footprint combined with knowledge and experience of working with federal, provincial, and local governments has positioned it as the partner of choice for any digital initiatives in the public sector across Pakistan.