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Digital governance: Overcoming barriers and achieving transformation

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July 22, 2022

The world is witnessing uncertain times that demand governments shift their focus from mere efforts to tangible results. Despite increased digital investments in the past two years, a significant number of government programs are yet to embrace the full potential of digital disruption.  

However, in these changing times, the objective remains clear: governments aim to leverage information technology to enhance citizen access to services, promote transparency, and ensure greater accountability. As per a survey, the successful transition from optimization to transformation is achieved by only a few, with a mere 24% actively pursuing transformation-related activities.  

In this blog, we explore how governments can address organizational barriers and effectively pursue digital transformation goals in the year 2023 and ahead. 

Transitioning barriers to a digital government 

For both organizations and governments, going digital has become an imperative for survival. However, the question arises: why do many governments struggle to achieve this objective? The answer lies in the challenges faced by public and social development organizations and their ability to navigate them successfully.  

Common barriers to digital government include loopholes in decision-making, planning, and executing digital transformation plans, limited budgets or misallocation of funds meant for digitalization efforts, and resistance to change deeply entrenched in local cultures. Addressing these barriers is crucial to unlocking the potential of digital government. 

Creating the way forward by consolidating efforts 

On a global scale, the journey toward achieving national development goals, enhancing operational efficiency, diversifying the economy, meeting public expectations, and building a sustainable future necessitates the establishment of digital governments. Organizations that have already undergone successful digital transformations can play a pivotal role in supporting governments on this path.  

Collaboration with IT organizations and partnering with digital providers reinforce transformation efforts, amplifying digital enablement goals for governments. By consolidating these collective efforts, governments can pave the way for a successful digital future. 

Creating a future for digital governance 

In this digital age, the survival and prosperity of governments rely on embracing digital transformation. Organizations have already reaped the benefits of adopting digital technologies, and it is now imperative for governments to follow suit. McKinsey estimates that digital governments can generate over $1 trillion annually worldwide. 

To successfully transition into a digital government, it is crucial to set achievable objectives and devise clear initiatives and goals aligned with long-term development objectives. One country that aspires to embark on this digital journey is Saudi Arabia.  

Guided by its Vision 2030, the country aims to enhance the citizen experience, establish smart administrative systems, and create digital ecosystems through the successful transition to a digital government. Saudi Arabia relies on its national, technological, and socioeconomic drivers, in addition to its Digital Transformation Vision, to fuel this digital transformation journey. 

Meeting your digital goals with Systems 

We, equipped with a team of industry veterans, offer digital-led services designed to facilitate governments' transition from optimization to transformation, enabling them to meet sustainable development goals and fortify the public sector for the long run. 

Unleashing the true potential of digital government requires governments to overcome barriers and embark on a transformative journey. By addressing decision-making loopholes, ensuring proper allocation of resources, and fostering a culture receptive to change, governments can successfully navigate the path to digital transformation. Collaborating with experienced IT organizations and digital providers further strengthens these efforts.  

We stand ready to empower governments in their digital journeys, helping them realize their digital goals and thrive in the age of digital transformation. Get in touch with our team today to embark on your transformative digital adventure. 

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