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Systems and Microsoft host “Dynamics Day”

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February 22, 2019

Systems and Microsoft hosted “Dynamics Day” on February 21, 2019 at Microsoft’s office in Karachi. The event consisted of a round table session where Systems shared strategies for organizations to drive digital transformation initiatives on analytical reporting, roll out employee productivity applications, keep up to date with market insights on customers and competitors, and rapidly roll out IT solutions. The session also included discussions on vendor collaboration, supply chain optimization, low-code and no-code application platforms, and solutions for corrective enterprise asset management.

Attendees learned how to seamlessly improve organizational productivity through increased operational visibility from Systems’ and Microsoft’s business consultancy and IT solutions, received expert advice on business problems in one-on-one sessions, and were offered a business consultation for digital assessment planning and roadmapping.

“Making businesses invest in the right technology and IT partnership is extremely crucial,” said Muhammad Aurangzeb, VP Enterprise Application Services at Systems. “Understanding exact business use cases and suggesting the right fit requires collaboration with a system integration partner. This was the first of many round table sessions that Systems aims to hold in collaboration with Microsoft to assist business decision makers in Pakistan. It is essential for decision makers to be aware of intelligent technologies that can help them enhance their business processes, and such informative sessions with Microsoft are the right collaboration platform for them.”

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