cloud Cloud Enablement

In the new digital economy, cloud enablement is a priority for businesses that want to boost employee efficiency, offer valuable products, and deliver a unified customer experience. These digitally driven businesses are allocating 45 percent of their IT budgets to cloud initiatives.

Bringing business applications to the cloud eliminates much of the risk of data loss or user error, since backups are automatic and frequent. With the ability to access and sync files on multiple devices for online and offline work, now there is no upper limit to your productivity, agility, or innovation.

  • Migration to Azure Cloud
  • Migration to AWS Cloud
  • Cloud Native Applications (PaaS)
  • Implementing Software as a Service (SaaS)
digital-transformation Digital Transformation

Modern businesses need a complete range of digital capabilities to address the demands of their increasingly tech-savvy customers. Their brand image depends on a seamless and consistent customer experience across all digital and physical channels. For businesses that rely on multiple vendors for digital services, the promise of Unified Commerce usually remains unfulfilled.

Systems Limited’s services deliver excellence at every level and phase of your journey towards digital transformation.

  • Digital Strategy
  • UX and Creative
  • Technology Implementation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Maintenance and Support
process-consulting-and-automation Process Consulting and Automation

Systems Limited uses the latest technologies to develop, reengineer, automate, and integrate processes by building on innovative business ideas. Our skill set enables us to deliver state-of-the-art IT solutions to satisfy the diversified needs of major market verticals.

  • Check commercial viability of client's existing technology
  • Determine new technology outside of the client's industry
  • Compare client's technology with the best in its industry
  • Suggest, develop and implement the best solution
  • Integrate and automate client's work flows and business processes

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Services

We offer the following ITIL Consultancy Services for IT Service Management in the organizations.

ITIL Process Consultancy

A structured approach is followed to ensure that your organization gets what it really needs in terms of your service management requirements.

In order to achieve that following steps are followed:

  • A detailed study of the existing practices at your organization in area of service management
  • A gap analysis to identify the improvements which are required for best quality Service Management
  • Mapping of proposed practices with ITIL standard practices for benchmarking and setting the course right for continuous improvement
  • Establish state of the art ITIL processes (if required) for your organization according to the study and gap analysis done in earlier phases

IT Service Management Automation

In order to implement effective IT service management practices so your organization can keep improving its IT services as and when required, we ensure that all ITIL standards are met.

At a minimum, the following areas are designed and deployed in HP Service Manager:

  • Service Desk Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Incident Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Problem Management
information-security-and-compliance Information Security and Compliance

Information protection is vital to any business. With the far-reaching impact of cloud computing and eCommerce, modern businesses require an additional degree of information security.

We offer standardized consultancy services in order to determine IT security for our global clientele. From applications to network security, we have the competence to implement a strategy to help businesses mitigate risk and avoid any costly penalties for noncompliance, regardless of their location, size, or industry.

SSAE16 Type I/Type II (SOC1 SOC2)

Secure your IT control structure and help your clients gain confidence in your services.

ISO 27001

Implement an information security management system using industry best practices.

IT Security Audit

Find out how secure your network and applications are and receive professional recommendations on improving security.


Helping credit card and debit card providers and payment processors understand and implement standards for creating secure payment solutions.

Define and Validate Controls, Policies and Process

We design control objectives for SSAE16 and IT security policies and procedures according to industry requirements. We evaluate, validate, map, and redefine existing controls, polices, and templates for design and effectiveness.

Examine the environment

Identifying a high-risk area where security controls are to be applied and audited is the key to an effective security framework. We identify the scope of all secure practices and workflows to confine any potential risks to the minimum level in the office premises, networks, systems, and processes for any audits and certifications. We authenticate the presence of cardholder data in your environment. We identify and evaluate data flows in your systems, network connections, and the application itself to detect the PCI DSS applicability scope. Our experts can help you present the most feasible options, from tokenization to network segregation, to limit the cardholder data scope and therefore minimize the risk area and audit scope. Also, we map out your network and prepare a document comprising of a detailed scope analysis in accordance with the PCI auditor’s requirements.

Readiness Assessment and gap analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your current policies, procedures, network structure, application flows, operational processes, and data controls to identify any gaps and risks. We also execute a readiness assessment against your chosen certification with the intention of verifying that all processes are in compliance and ready for certification. This includes a live review of all systems, policies, procedures, controls, and data flows. We also perform a full mock audit for preparing your staff and running an evidence gathering and interview practice for actual audit.

Internal vulnerability scans

Systems Limited’s team of certified experts performs internal and external vulnerability scans at the application and network layer, and performs penetration tests on your scoped network, making sure that it meets client and PCI audit requirements. We take our clients all the way to the remediation and compliance stage by not only issuing a report with vulnerabilities categorized according to CVE ratings, but also perform re-scans until all remediation is in place for a clean report.

On-site certificationaudit coordination

Our team is on board throughout your external audit and liaises with the auditor on your behalf, providing them with appropriate documents and answers.